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More and more millenials are changing marriage, signing prenups, and ultimately staying together longer than past generations. Want to know why? 

Many millenials are subjects of divorce and with their experience growing up with divorced parents, they don’t want to make the same mistakes. So, they’re being strategic when it comes to love. They aren’t in a rush to find their partner and when they do, they’re both signing prenups to protect their assets. And we applaud the smart millennials because as a result they are bringing the divorce rate down. 

Here’s how millennials are being strategic about marriage: 

1. Millennials are fueling a declining divorce rate

According to Hillary Hoffower at Business Insider, she reported, “millennials are driving what experts have estimated is a 24% decline in the US divorce rate since the 1980s,  Hannah Smothers reported for Cosmopolitan

What’s their secret? Many millennials fear breakups, so they are waiting for their perfect significant other instead of jumping head first into a marriage. They also are waiting to feel financially secure, before legally committed to their partner. 

2. Millennials are marrying at a later age 

Due to millennials taking more time to find the right partner and prioritize financial success is causing many millennials to marry later in life compared to previous generations

3. Millennials are cohabitating and even buying homes together before marriage

Millennials are also buying homes together before getting engaged. This represents the generational shift that economic conditions is a higher priority than marriage. 

4. More millennials aren’t marrying at all 

And some millennials aren’t marrying at all! Many millennials are finding marriage less important. 

5. More millennials are signing prenups

Prenuptial agreements which prior to millennials were exclusive for the wealthy to create a division of assets and finances in the event of a divorce. However, millennials are seeing prenups are a smart investment for marriage, in case their fear comes true and the marriage doesn’t last forever. With a prenup, they can protect their interests, finances, and assets. 

Learn more about millennials are changing marriage by reading the full article here. Interested about a prenup for you and your significant other? Contact David Veliz at Veliz Katz Law today.