8 Ways to Co-Parent More Successfully After Divorce

Co-parenting is often the most difficult thing facing the newly divorced. Single mom and dads face numerous challenges including emotional issues, chaotic schedules, new partners, and shared custody agreements.

Experts recommend the following 8 steps towards better post-divorce co-parenting.

  1. Acknowledge concerns: Divorce is hard on children so acknowledge their emotions and be prepared to recast these concerns in a positive light.

  2. Think quality over quantity: Focus on making the time you have with children exceptional and don’t base your happiness on the number of hours you have during a given period.

  3. Keep reviewing logistics: Be prepared to renegotiate the details of your co-parenting agreement as circumstances in the lives of both parents will always change.

  4. Cope with loneliness: Take care of yourself during the time you are apart from children. This is a great time to see friends, exercise, pursue hobbies, and rest.

  5. Learn to work with your ex: Sometimes it helps to handle an ex like a colleague. Focus on solving problems together for the benefit of your kids.

  6. Tame your temper: Never disparage your ex around your children. Take a pause before reacting and understand how your child’s feeling are impacted by your anger.

  7. Befriend the new love: It can be scary to have a new spouse or partner interacting with your child. Try to build a rapport with this new person as it will make your children happier in the long run.

  8. Stay hopeful: Post-split your relationships with your ex and kids will most likely improve over time. Never lose sight that things will get better.

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