How to Protect Your Parental Rights During a Divorce

A divorce or separation between parents can be difficult for everyone involved. After being separated from his wife for over a year, a heartbroken father struggled to protect his rights as a parent. His knew he needed to pursue legal action to ensure both he and his ex wife had shared parental rights that benefited them both.

The legal system surrounding divorce can be difficult to navigate. In this case, the father independently filing the proper paperwork was proving to be challenging, and he feared his case wasn’t receiving the attention it deserved. Luckily, Veliz Katz Law listened to his story and walked him through the entire process. The process only took a few months, and finally this father was able to get the results he needed to continue on with his life.

If you find yourself in a difficult divorce, there are steps you can take to protect your parental rights. The most important thing you can do is speak to a divorce attorney about your options after a divorce.

Create an Emotional Support System

Divorces are not easy. While it might seem selfish to focus on yourself at a trying time like this, you need to make sure you have a solid emotional support system in place. This might be the first time you’ve been single in years or even decades. Take the time to reflect on what you want from life, and how you wish to proceed with your legal rights. Remember your children need you now more than ever, so set a positive example for them in this time by taking good care of yourself.

Talk to Your Children

While you might feel a whirlwind of emotion after a divorce, your children are likely confused how to feel. It is important to communicate openly with your children. Explain the situation to them in terms they can easily understand. Avoid victimizing yourself or placing blame on the other parent.

Statistics show that children who come from divorced households are more likely to face poor academic performance and difficulties in relationships. Allow your children to vocalize their concerns, and include them in the decision process. It can be tempting to try to keep your child as close to you as possible, but remember they will not benefit from fights over child care and finances. Ultimately, it is up to you as a parent to assure your children your separation from their other parent has nothing to do with them or anything they did.

Consider Your Child’s Best Interest

What you think is best for your child, and what actually is the best for them might not be the same thing. It can help in these instances to distance yourself from the situation to view it without judgement.

Routine is important for children, so try to keep things reasonable similar after a divorce. Will your child need to switch schools in the case of one parent’s custody? Will your child spend holidays with both parents or with one? These are things you need to think about in advance with your child’s best interest in mind.

Be Open to Negotiation

Unfortunately, negotiations are a necessary part of any divorce. You need to be ready and open to negotiating with your ex in the case of legal action. Working with a divorce attorney is the best way to prepare yourself for negotiations. You should be prepared to agree on a plan which benefits both parents and the children.

In the case of the father struggling for custody after a divorce, it wasn’t until he worked with Veliz Katz Law that he was able to create a plan that worked for him and his ex. Keep in mind that things won’t be perfect after a divorce settlement has been reached. Things will change as your children’s needs change, and you might need to continue working with an attorney throughout the entire divorce process to ensure a smooth transition. Speak to an Attorney It is important to consult an experienced divorce attorney to assist with any and all legal counsel. An attorney can help you create a plan that works for both parents, and provide the necessary resources to effectively negotiate an agreement.

Veliz Katz Law has over 25 years of experience with family law, and they understand the importance of finding a solution that works for everyone in the family. Speak to a qualified attorney today to schedule a free consultation.


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