This Is Why January Is the Biggest Month for Divorce

For years, January has been unofficially designated as Divorce Month. Although studies have shown most divorces actually happen in August or March, the courts will see a spike in divorce filings right after the new year.

Many legal professionals believe this trend boils down to one idea: People don’t want to get divorced during the holidays. Couples headed for divorce, especially with children will hold off on filing during the holidays. Many couples want their family to have one last holiday season together before they split.

The holidays are a special time. However, the magic of the season can’t solve every problem. January is a time for making resolutions and planning for the new year which can cause couples to reevaluate their marriage. If you decide that separation is your best option, contact David Veliz at Veliz Katz Law today.

Read the full article by Claire Nowak at Reader’s Digest for more information about why January is the biggest month for divorce.


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