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What is Durable Power of Attorney?

A durable power of attorney is a legal document that enables an individual to grant authority to another person to make decisions and take action on their behalf. The person creating the durable power of attorney is referred to as the principal. 

In the case of a springing durable power of attorney, the principal designates someone to act on their behalf when a specific event takes place. The occurrence of this event is determined by the language used in the durable power of attorney. 

What Are the Benefits of a Durable Power of Attorney?

A durable power of attorney (DPOA) is a powerful legal document that grants authority to an individual, known as the agent or attorney-in-fact, to make decisions and act on behalf of another person, known as the principal, in the event of their incapacity or inability to make decisions. Here are some key benefits of having a durable power of attorney:

Decision-Making Authority

A DPOA allows you to designate someone you trust to make important financial, legal, and healthcare decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. This ensures that your affairs are managed according to your wishes, even when you are unable to express them.

Avoiding Guardianship Proceedings

Without a DPOA in place, if you become incapacitated, your loved ones may have to go through a time-consuming and expensive guardianship process to appoint a guardian to manage your affairs. A DPOA eliminates the need for guardianship proceedings by already designating an agent to act on your behalf.

Continuity and Convenience

With a durable power of attorney, your chosen agent can step in immediately to handle your financial transactions, pay bills, manage investments, and make healthcare decisions without any interruption or delay. This ensures that your affairs continue smoothly and that your financial obligations are met.

Personalized Decision-Making

A durable power of attorney allows you to customize the powers and limitations granted to your agent. You can specify which decisions your agent can make, establish any restrictions, and outline your preferences regarding your medical treatment and end-of-life decisions.

Peace of Mind

By having a durable power of attorney, you gain peace of mind knowing that a trusted person of your choosing will be there to act in your best interests if you are unable to do so. This relieves the burden on your loved ones and ensures that your wishes are honored.

Cost and Time Savings

Creating a DPOA in advance can save significant time, money, and stress in the future. It eliminates the need for legal proceedings, such as conservatorships or guardianships, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

It’s important to consult with our Maitland durable power of attorney lawyer to ensure your DPOA is properly executed and complies with the legal requirements of your state or country.

What Are the Drawbacks of a Durable Power of Attorney?

While a DPOA can provide numerous benefits, it’s important to consider potential disadvantages as well. Here are a few drawbacks to be aware of:

Agent Misuse of Authority

Granting someone broad decision-making powers through a durable power of attorney carries the risk that the appointed agent may abuse their authority. They could potentially make decisions that are not in the best interest of the principal or misuse their access to financial assets. 

Lack of Oversight

Once a durable power of attorney is in effect, there may be limited oversight of the agent’s actions, especially if the principal becomes incapacitated. This can make it challenging to monitor and ensure that the agent is acting following the principal’s wishes. 

Potential Family Conflicts

The appointment of an agent through a DPOA can lead to conflicts among family members. Disagreements may arise if siblings or other family members have different opinions regarding the agent’s decisions or if there are concerns about the agent’s competence or suitability. 

Limited Court Intervention

In some cases, if a dispute or disagreement arises between family members or other interested parties regarding the agent’s actions, the legal remedies available may be limited. 

Ineffectiveness Without Proper Execution

A durable power of attorney must be properly executed according to the specific legal requirements of the jurisdiction to be valid. Failure to comply with these requirements, such as signing the document in the presence of witnesses or notarization, can render the DPOA ineffective when it is needed most. 

It’s essential to carefully consider the potential drawbacks and seek professional legal advice when creating a durable power of attorney. Our durable power of attorney lawyer in Florida can help address these concerns, tailor the document to your specific needs, and provide guidance on selecting a suitable agent to minimize potential risks.

Who Can Create a Durable Power of Attorney in Florida?

According to Florida law, individuals who are 18 years or older can create a durable power of attorney, provided that they fully comprehend the nature of the document and the authority being granted to the agent. 

The person creating the durable power of attorney must be of sound mind during the creation and execution process. If the individual lacks the mental capacity required to understand the implications of the document, it may render the execution invalid.

In cases where the person has a condition that affects their mental clarity, consulting a doctor becomes necessary to assess their legal capacity to create a durable power of attorney.

Durable Power of Attorney Statutes in Florida

Important revisions to the Florida durable power of attorney were implemented in October 2011. These significant changes encompass the following key modifications:

  • Springing powers of attorney, which used to activate when a specific event occurred (like the principal’s disability), are no longer permitted.
  • The powers granted by the principal to their agent or attorney-in-fact must be explicitly stated, and broad or “blanket powers” are no longer accepted.
  • The principal is required to sign or initial specific powers related to changing their estate plan, making gifts, modifying beneficiary designations, and managing retirement plans.
  • Instead of amending an existing power of attorney, it must be completely revoked if changes are needed.
  • If co-agents are appointed, each agent can act independently without the need for consensus or joint decision-making.

What Powers Does a Durable Power of Attorney Grant Your Agent?

In the state of Florida, when a durable power of attorney (DPOA) is created and executed correctly, it can grant the authorized agent the ability to:

  • Execute legal documents on behalf of the principal
  • Manage the purchase, sale, or investment of the principal’s property
  • Handle the principal’s bank accounts
  • Pay the principal’s bills
  • Obtain loans using the principal’s assets
  • Act on behalf of the principal in mortgage or property refinancing matters
  • Make gifts using the principal’s property
  • Modify, amend, or terminate a revocable (living) trust for the principal
  • Designate beneficiaries on behalf of the principal
  • Manage annuities and retirement plans associated with the principal
  • Apply for government and public assistance benefits on behalf of the principal
  • Take necessary steps to ensure the principal receives appropriate long-term care
  • Arrange for the principal’s end-of-life care in a manner that meets their needs

While the list provided is not exhaustive, it showcases the wide-ranging authority granted to an agent in managing the principal’s affairs. It emphasizes the comprehensive scope of responsibilities the agent can undertake on behalf of the principal. 

What Are the Statute Limitations for Florida Durable Power of Attorney?

Section 709.2201 (3) of the Florida Statutes prohibits an agent to:

  • Carry out responsibilities that involve the personal services of the principal under a contract
  • Provide an affidavit based on the principal’s personal knowledge
  • Cast votes on behalf of the principal in any public election
  • Create or revoke a will or codicil on behalf of the principal
  • Exercise powers and authority granted to the principal as a trustee or court-appointed fiduciary

If an agent misuses, mishandles, or unlawfully takes control of the principal’s property using the authority granted by the DPOA, they can face legal action in court. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, an agent acting dishonestly may even be subject to criminal prosecution.

Does a Durable Power of Attorney End at Death?

As per Section 709.2109 (1) of the Florida Statutes, a power of attorney comes to an end in the following circumstances:

  • The principal passes away
  • The principal loses the ability to make decisions (applies only if the power of attorney is not durable)
  • The court declares the principal completely or partially incapacitated unless the court specifies certain powers for the agent to exercise
  • The principal revokes the power of attorney
  • The power of attorney document specifies its termination
  • The purpose for which the power of attorney was created is fulfilled
  • The agent’s authority ends, and there is no provision in the power of attorney for another agent to act

According to Section 709.2109 (2) of the Florida Statutes, the authority granted to an agent remains in effect until it is terminated. The agent’s authority comes to an end in the following situations:

  • The agent passes away, becomes incapacitated, voluntarily resigns, or is removed by a court.
  • Legal proceedings are initiated for the dissolution, annulment, or legal separation of the agent’s marriage to the principal unless the power of attorney specifies otherwise.
  • The power of attorney itself reaches its termination date as stated in the document.

Why Do I Need a Durable Power of Attorney Lawyer in Florida?

When it comes to planning for the future, one essential legal document that individuals in Florida should consider is a DPOA. While it may be tempting to create a DPOA on your own, enlisting the services of our knowledgeable durable power of attorney lawyer in Florida can provide crucial experience and guidance. 

Below are the reasons why having our skilled durable power of attorney lawyer in Maitland FL is essential:

  • Ensuring compliance with Florida law
  • Customizing DPOA documents tailored to your needs
  • Selecting the right agent
  • Preventing abuse and protecting your interests
  • Navigating complex legal and financial matters
  • Addressing healthcare decision-making
  • Mitigating the risk of invalidity or challenges

It’s Time to Take Charge of Your Future

When it comes to creating a durable power of attorney in Florida, seeking the assistance of a reputable law firm is essential. Veliz Katz Law stands out as a trusted and experienced partner, dedicated to providing exceptional legal services tailored to meet your specific needs.

With Veliz Katz Law by your side, you can benefit from our extensive experience in handling durable power of attorney issues in Florida. We will guide you through the process, ensuring compliance with state regulations and crafting a document that aligns with your goals and preferences. 

Don’t let durable power of attorney issues overwhelm you. Take advantage of the exceptional legal services offered by Veliz Katz Law. 

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