Estate Planning for New Parents


Congratulations, new parent. How’s parenthood treating you so far? Estate planning may be far down your list of priorities as you’re in the midst of taking care of a newborn and that’s OK.

We’re here to help you consider key aspects about estate planning including:

  • Drawing up a will that names a guardian for your child.

  • Setting up a trust

  • Naming an executor of your estate

  • Designating beneficiaries

  • Setting up power of attorney

  • Making funeral arrangements

Even if you’re not a new parent, many of us overlook estate planning. But making a plan for your assets after death will spare your loved ones from courtroom proceedings or an unnecessarily large tax bill. It’s important to work with an estate planning attorney to craft a well-thought-out strategy.

Learn more about setting up an estate plan for new parents before it gets lost in your list of newborn priorities. Contact David Veliz at Veliz Katz Law to start your estate plan today. For more information about estate planning for new parents, read the full article here.



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